Henry Lee Lucas | 9 Creepy Works of Art Made by Criminals

Henry Lee Lucas

Indeed, Lucas was born a demon to an alcoholic father and a prostitute mother, before unleashing his particular hell to humanity. His murderous career began with his mother, who he killed by stabbing her in the neck with a knife. From there on he cut short the lives of hundreds of unsuspecting victims, possibly as many as 600 people, though he was only convicted of 11 murders and sentenced to death for one unidentified victim. The cross-dressing, one-eyed (he was stabbed in the eye by his brother as a young boy) matricidal demon, experienced the same urge as all the masters of the art of painting, and possibly all men with or without talent, the curiosity of oneself. Following this urge to know himself, Lucas painted this self-portrait and, no doubt, revealed his true self. No, the drawing has no title, but we thought “the demon” would fit him perfectly.

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