The Gardner Museum Theft | The 10 Most Brazen Crimes in History

The Gardner Museum Theft

The Gardner Museum of Boston, once the home of Boston socialite Isabella Stewart Gardner and bequeathed to the city of Boston by Mrs. Gardner upon her death, was robbed in 1990 by two men disguised as Boston police officers. The daring art thieves got away with a collection of 13 works of art valued at more than $500 million, including a painting by Vermeer, three Rembrandts, a Manet and five drawings by Degas. Incredibly enough, the museum was uninsured at the time and to this day the artwork has never been recovered, despite a $5 million reward, offers of immunity to the culprits and an appeal on “America’s Most Wanted”. To date, no one has come forward and the empty frames for these works hang on the museum's walls as a memorial to the lost paintings.

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