H. H. Holmes | 10 True Horror Stories Worthy of a Movie

H. H. Holmes

One of the first serial killers in America, in the modern sense of the term, Holmes confessed to 30 murders but is suspected of carrying out some 200 murders in his nefarious career. Holmes was the incarnation of evil, torturing his victims before sadistically murdering them and then disappearing them. In the 1890s, he built a labyrinthine hotel in a bustling part of Chicago to carry out his evil deeds. Because of its layout and traps, the media later dubbed this infamous hotel "Murder Castle." It was designed to be a maze of windowless rooms with doors that only opened from the outside or lead to brick walls; a safe big enough to put a person inside (to suffocate them), and a chute that allowed him to dump bodies from the upper floors straight to the basement, where two massive furnaces and large supplies of flesh-stripping acid were stored.

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