A Cure for Cancer | 8 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of Science

A Cure for Cancer

A staggering 8 million people die each year from cancer, many of which are preventable. Right now, prevention seems to be the only solution to this scourge. Bad lifestyle habits, smoking, a poor diet and lack of exercise are all major factors linked to cancer and changing these habits could be the best remedy. However, it is estimated that today about 15-20% of all cancers are caused by parasitic infections (HPV in cervical, penile, rectum, and head and neck cancers; Hepatitis viruses in liver cancer; Helicobacter Pylori in stomach cancer, are the prime examples). That figure is expected to grow in the coming years, reaching 95% by 2050. And while chemotherapy, radiation and surgery have been the weapons used to stem the tide, new, promising treatments, like light-based, tumour-targeting drugs and super white blood cells that destroy cancer cells but spare healthy ones, are in the works.

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