Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe | 9 Mystifying Cases of the Doppelganger Phenomenon

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Writer, poet and politician, the German genius Goethe was one of the most respected men in Europe in his day, and still is. Goethe encountered his doppelganger as he was riding home on a road after visiting a friend. He noticed there was another rider approaching from the other direction toward him. As the rider got closer, Goethe noticed that it was himself on the other horse but with different clothes. Goethe described his encounter as “soothing” and that he saw the other with his “mind’s eye” more than with his actual eyes. Years later, Goethe was riding down the same road when he realized he was wearing the same clothes as the mysterious rider he had encountered years before. He was on his way to visit the same friend he had visited that day.

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