Tackling Household Chores | 9 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Our Lives

Tackling Household Chores

One of the earliest promises of AI described in science fiction from Isaac Asimov to the Jetsons was robots that could perform household chores and eliminate the drudgery from the workplace. That promise has been fulfilled in part by the programmable robotic vacuum cleaner in your home, which can maneuver around obstacles like stairs, furniture and even the cat. Intelligent robots will not only clean your living room and do the dishes, but may also tackle jobs like assembling furniture or caring for kids and pets. Facilities with large lawns, like golf courses or football stadiums, rely on similar technology to mow their lawns thus eliminating human labor. The same technology is now used in assembling line robots that perform boring or repetitive tasks. Baxter is a good example of this technology and has already been deployed in several factories and can safely work alongside humans. AI is also present in mining, fire-fighting, mine disposal and handling radioactive materials, tasks that are too dangerous for humans.

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