Bloodcurdling Parasites You'll Wish You Didn't Know About

We almost never think about the dangers of parasites to our health, and most people don’t even know what a parasite really is since they are under the illusion of never being affected by them. The fact is that most people in the world today are infected with parasites. This may sound like an exaggeration and even untrue, as the predominant misconception is that parasites are a problem found only in poor, underdeveloped third-world or tropical countries. In fact, parasites are everywhere and in every climate and socio-economic milieu. The World Health Organization places parasites among the six most harmful infectious diseases affecting man and parasitic infections outrank cancer as the number one killer in the world. Even more frightening is the ease with which you can become infected. Parasites can be present in unwashed fruit and vegetables, in your pets, contaminated undercooked meat, fish, pork or poultry, on the soil you walk on barefoot, in drinking water or in the air. Flies and mosquitoes are notorious carriers of some of the most deadly parasites. The truth is, you’re not safe anywhere, which just goes to show that life is a risky business. Have a look at man’s most virulent enemies. Here are the worst parasites you can get.

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