The Most Badass Commandos from around the World

In war, both sides (or all sides, depending on the conflict) want to gain an advantage. That advantage can be achieved through a number of ways: greater firepower, technology and more sophisticated weaponry, tactical advantages, and more manpower. All, some or simply one of these can be decisive on the battlefield, but sometimes not enough. In comes the idea of “special forces,” an army of specially trained elite soldiers so skilful and fierce that they could decide any combat situation. Winston Churchill is usually credited with the creation of the first modern special forces unit when he called for "specially trained troops of the hunter class, who can develop a reign of terror down the enemy coast," thus giving birth to Special Service Brigade during the Second World War. However, Churchill’s idea was not new. Special forces have been used throughout history by many countries and empires, some of them so effective and fearsome that their reputations live on today. The Greeks had the Spartans, a whole nation of special forces troops; the Persian Empire had the immortals, while the Ottoman empire employed the feared Janissaries; still other countries used special forces at one point or another in their history. Warfare has changed, though, so let’s look at today’s badass commandos from around the world.

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