Ezekiel's Wheels in the Sky (600 BCE) | Top 10 UFO Sightings

Ezekiel's Wheels in the Sky (600 BCE)

The Hebrew prophet Ezekiel spotted an approaching windstorm from the north while walking along the Kebar River, probably in Iraq. He reported that the storm clouds were surrounded by lightning and was very brilliant. The centre of the cloud contained what appeared to be glowing metal and four winged creatures each with multiple human and animal faces. Ezekiel saw the visitors land by means of what "appeared to be made like a wheel intersecting a wheel." The vehicles moved with the creatures, rising with them as they rose from the ground. Above the creatures was "what looked something like a vault, sparkling with crystal, and awesome," which contained a seated humanoid figure glowing from the waist up. According to some UFO experts, what Ezekiel mistook for a vision of God accompanied by angels was really an extraterrestrial visit. They cite the similarities between the vehicles Ezekiel saw the creatures land with and modern descriptions of flying saucers.

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