Witchcraft and Witch-hunts. Sinister Cases from the Past

Revered by some, reviled by others, witches have travelled through time and history in all cultures and civilizations, despite suffering persecution and ridicule. Witches were the reservoirs of an ancient pagan knowledge, healers, herbalists and wise women (and men). The centuries old “witch” has been handed down to us caricatured, portrayed as an old hag, with a pointy black hat flying around on a broom while accompanied by a black cat, a picture that neither does the real witches justice nor help the falsely accused ones. The witch-hunts and trials that sprang up in Europe and elsewhere rarely, or never, uncovered the real witches (that we know of). They only revealed the darker side of mankind and the savagery we are capable of in the name of a god. Whether real or false, mythological or flesh and blood, few know who they were. Let’s take a look at some fascinating witches from around the world.

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